Many people are not very aware of electronics. So, it is quite obvious that there is a lot of confusion in relation to the said field. The main reason behind this confusion is the fact that the students are not well acquainted with the basic terms used in electronics. So, this article will help you out by explaining a few key terms used in electronics so that everyone can understand electronics better.

Electronics actually includes the science, technology, engineering and certain applications which deal with the flow, control and motion of ions, atoms and electrons in matter and vacuum. All these topics are related to the information processing and the electric circuits. It has become one of the most important areas of research all over the world. If we talk about the digital electronics then we are talking about the electronic information processing techniques and the application of computers and microprocessors in the electronics.

In the recent years electronics have become very popular and most of the people find it very difficult to understand the concept and the working of electronics. So, if you want to learn more about electronics then you can try to learn as much as you can about electronics projects. These projects will help you understand the electrical circuits and how they operate. You can start your project as an amateur and you can try to build the first electronic circuit of your choice after getting some knowledge and experience. After that you can gradually move up to building advanced electronic circuits and you will be amazed by how much work is required in building such advanced electronics.

Some of the major components of electronics are capacitors, resistors, IC’s (Insulated Conductor Devices), SMPS’s (Synchronous Motor Screens), LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and vacuum tubes. Capacitors include the Beryllium Capacitor, the electrolyte mixture, conductors and some types of powder. Resistors include the types like the N-type, V-type, Zener Diode and others. IC’s are the types like the IC sockets, modular form factor, programmable logic gates, programmable logic relays and the programmable logic drive.

We can see many types of electronics in our daily life. The light bulbs, radios, TV, refrigerators, washing machines, global warming etc are but one of them and all these have helped us in making this world a better place. This has been possible only due to the advances in science and technology. Even the devices around us have made a mark for themselves. Thus we can say that electronics is around us everywhere.

All the electronics products are made of semiconductor material. There are several different types of semiconductor materials available in the market and they are known as diodes. These diodes are made of phosphorus and boron and are used to convert the electricity into mechanical energy. So, we can see that the main components of electronics are diodes. We can also see that the most common diodes are the ones made of silicon and this is because silicon is the most widely used semiconductor material. There are also some transistors which are known as field effect transistors, but these too are made of semiconductor material.